The enchanted art of The Disney Fantasy

Enchanted Art &#169 The Walt Disney Company

Enchanted Art © The Walt Disney Company

Disney Vacation Guide to the Disney Fantasy’s enchanted art

As a guest on the Disney Fantasy, you’ll discover whimsical, creative and pretty technical innovations around every corner. At playtime, bedtime, mealtime…all the time…there’s magic in the air.

Even the art on the Disney Fantasy is enchanted!

There are more than 20 pieces of Enchanted Art on the Disney Fantasy, each inspired by classic Disney animations and characters, each immersing guests in Disney storytelling in a whole new way.

Imagine the look on your child’s face when she stops to admire a piece of art when it magically comes to life!

Here are the Enchanted Art highlights on the Disney Fantasy:

• In a nod to the Disney Fantasy stern characters, amazing dual circus art posters feature Timothy Q. Mouse and Dumbo flying from one frame into the other.

Watch Walt Disney animating three new clips featuring the “Fab Five” springing from his sketch pad (Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Pluto).

• See some fanciful “Alice in Wonderland” animations, inspired by the art of Mary Blair (a Disney Legend).

How does the Enchanted Art work?

It looks just like all of the other hanging art pieces around the ship, but Enchanted Art is actually a framed LCD screen that makes use of technology to create special effects. The Art “recognizes” when a guest is present and then activates a few seconds of animation. The amazing thing is, if you go back to a piece of Enchanted Art for a second time, you may get to see a different animation.

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