Take your imagination on a journey with a feisty purple dragon

Journey into Imagination ©The Walt Disney Company

Journey into Imagination ©The Walt Disney Company

Disney Vacation Guide to the multi-sensory whimsy of Journey into Imagination

Bring your little ones on a “Journey into Imagination” to the prestigious Imagination Institute with a feisty and mischievous purple dragon (appropriately named Figment) in this Epcot Future World attraction.

Climb inside your own bright red car to begin your tour of Dr. Nigel Channing’s five precious sensory labs. Learn about sound, sight, smell, touch and taste as Dr. Channing tries to prove that our senses are intertwined with our imaginations. Everything’s going fine until the doctor discovers Figment has tagged along and his music and mischief are wreaking havoc on the experiment!

Plug your nose!

All of your senses will be treated to some fun (and some stinky) special effects as Figment takes over the tour and leads you to his wacky upside-down home where his imagination is allowed to roam free.

Tip: Two portions of the show get very dark and noisy and may be frightening for young children.

Free your imagination at ImageWorks

After the show, head straight to ImageWorks. In this hands-on exhibit, kids get to play and unleash their creativity just as Figment encouraged them to do on the Journey Into Imagination! Your little ones will love taking photos with the world’s largest digital camera. They’ll also get to conduct an orchestra, make dragons sing and play with video and lights.

(At the time of this writing, Epcot’s ImageWorks is enjoying some enhancements. It’s still operational but some attractions might not be available at the time of your visit.)

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