Rollicking family fun awaits at D Lounge on the Disney Fantasy

A wee pirate in D Lounge &#169 The Walt Disney Company

A wee pirate in D Lounge © The Walt Disney Company

Disney Vacation Guide: D stands for Fun on the Disney Fantasy!

Imagine a bright, informal gathering place decked out in comfy modular furniture, perfect for kicking back in. Now imagine if this place were some sort of family room where you could gather with friends for fun and games.

If you have a picture in your mind right now, it’s probably not unlike an area on Deck 4 of the Disney Fantasy, known as D Lounge.

A great big “family room”

So unless you have a couple hundred people living in your home, D Lounge is probably a tad larger than the family room in your own home. Yes, this family room is designed to accommodate 350 or so guests at a time. Throughout the day there are roughly 20 activities taking place for guests of all ages and whole families.

What sort of fun takes place in D Lounge?

All kinds of stuff, including:

  • Anyone Can Cook: An interactive cooking program serving up culinary confidence and flair! Learn to make some of the meals served on the ship!
  • Family Fusion: Test your knowledge against the knowledge of your loved ones and other guests in a variety of physical and mental challenges.
  • Pirate’s Life For Me: In a swashbuckling competition, play a game show full of yo ho, yo ho fun!
  • Disney Animation The Illusion of Life: Go behind the scenes of Walt Disney Animation Sutdios for an enlightening overview of the principles and techniques used in creating cartoons.
  • Towel Folding: If you find yourself amazed by the creations crafted from towels in your stateroom, learn how to impress your friends at home!

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