“Play” with your food at Epcot’s Living with the Land



Living With the Land ©The Walt Disney Company

Living With the Land ©The Walt Disney Company

Disney Vacation Guide to Epcot’s Living with the Land

If at a quick glance you think this agricultural exhibit sounds like it will bore you to tears, glance again! Sadly, many guests who read about this major Epcot attraction dismiss it as being too dull and educational to bother with. But anyone who has seen Living with the Land would argue that it’s definitely a must-see attraction.

Make a connection with what goes in your mouth

There’s a very good chance that you won’t think about food the same way after this gentle 14-minute boat ride takes you through several different nations’ agricultural advances and experimental plant growing environments. You’ll sail past tropical greenhouses where bananas, peanuts and rice are grown and see the Aquacell’s alligators and catfish as you float along.

Learn how new concepts are being tested to enhance food production and see the actual greenhouse where many vegetables are grown for use in Epcot restaurants.

Tip: To avoid long lineups, catch this show early in the morning or after dark.

“Dig” agriculture? Take the Behind the Seeds tour.

Explore aquaculture farms and vegetable gardens throughout Epcot’s Land Pavilion on a one-hour guided walking tour. Learn how plants are grown (including the hydroponic ones) now and how they will be grown in the future! Get up close and personal with nature as you watch some alligators and release some ladybugs.

The Behind the Seeds tour requires same-day reservations.

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