Play with the Muppets on the Disney Fantasy

Muppets Adventure Game &#169 The Walt Disney Company

Muppets Adventure Game © The Walt Disney Company

Disney Vacation Guide to interactive fun with The Muppets on the Disney Fantasy

It’s true that the Disney Fantasy has a lot to offer in terms of comfortable, luxurious cruising. You can find the best of the best at sea aboard this, the newest addition to the Disney Cruise Line’s fleet. But, there’s still lots of fun for families and children to enjoy!

Like the kid-friendly pools, the teen and tween clubs and the children’s dedicated play area. And then there’s the Enchanted Art and the Muppets Adventure Game.

Join The Muppets in “The Case of the Stolen Show”

Go on an interactive adventure with The Muppets around the ship in “The Case of the Stolen Show” where you use Enchanted Art and physical “evidence” to uncover clues.

To set the stage…

The adventure begins as the Muppets cast is getting ready to stage a great big performance, but there’s a slight problem. Kermit can’t find his banjo. Fozzie can’t find his squirting flower. Gonzo’s crash helmet is nowhere to be seen. Animal’s drum sticks are missing and the Swedish Chef has lost his cleaver!

This can only mean one thing. Some cunning thief has stolen all of the props for the big show!

How do you play?

You’ll be guided around the ship by a map and a unique game card that you’ll use with certain pieces of Enchanted Art to unveil clues leading you to the missing props. On other parts of the ship there’s a Muppets message board and a Muppet-sized stateroom door that will help uncover clues.

Your mission? To solve this crime before it’s time to raise the curtain and light the lights on the Muppet’s big show!

The coolest thing about this game is that every time you play it, it’s a little bit different!

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