One-of-a-kind Dining Experience on the Fantasy – Animator’s Palate [Video]

Animators Palate

Animator’s Palate

Disney Vacation Guide & Video to Animator’s Palate on the Fantasy Cruise Ship

There’s no doubt that Disney is magic, and each part of the Fantasy has unique elements, from the signature “Disney Wishes” show to the one-of-a-kind water coaster, AquaDuck. By far, one of the most unique experiences you will have on the Fantasy is at the Animator’s Palate. It’s a unique experience to be part of Disney magic and actually become part of the Disney animation team by creating your very own character that will appear on the screen. It’s also a great way to keep children entertained throughout a meal! Find out more details and watch our sneak peek video below:

Be Part of the Magic!

If you, or your children, enjoy creativity, this dining experience will be an absolute treat! This new show is called “Animation Magic” and your creative talent is part of the show! Draw your own character using the template on the table’s placemat and then keep your eyes peeled on the screen to see when Mickey will bring your drawing to life!

The Animation

Talk about a participatory meal! As dinner progresses, Mickey appears on the screen and animates each of the drawings, bringing them to life right on the screen. It doesn’t stop there! Once Mickey has animated each of the characters, he leads them on a march on screens around the dining hall. After this march, the characters magically become a part of some of the most treasured Disney movies, actually joining Disney characters to dance, skip and skate throughout the room.

Watch the Video for a Sneak Peek!

Watch this video to get a sense for the excitement that is in store during “Animation Magic”!


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