Off The Beaten Path: Three undiscovered Disney activities to enjoy

Michael Rosenbaum gets a haircut at Harmony Barber Shop (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Michael Rosenbaum gets a haircut at Harmony Barber Shop (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Disney Vacation Guide: Venture off the beaten path with your family at Disney World

It’s true that Disney’s “paths” are pretty well-beaten, but there are plenty of amazing activities spread out over the 40-acre theme park that receive less fanfare than the flying Dumbos and pristine Cinderella Castle. You just need to know where to look.

Get a haircut

Harmony Barber Shop on Main Street U.S.A. in the Magic Kingdom offers the rather practical experience of a good old-fashioned haircut. Look for the signature candy-striped pole out front and prepare for a treat. If you’re child has yet to receive his or her first haircut by the time you reach Harmony Barber Shop, you’re in luck because “first haircuts” are the specialty of the house. Your little ones will even get their own pixie dust and Mickey Mouse stickers. Cost: $15/kids under 12, $19/adults.

Go fishing

You probably think “fishing” when you think Florida, but you may not have considered going fishing at Disney World. However, did you know there are 14-pound largemouth bass lurking around the canals and lakes just beyond Cinderella Castle? Treat the angler in your life to a BASS fishing excursion at Disney. This two-hour catch-and-release excursion can accommodate your party of five. There is also a 4-hour excursion which also can take five guests at a time. Cost: $235-270/2-hour, $455/4-hour.

Hula dance

Ever wished you could hula gracefully like those dreamy Hawaiian dancers? Head to Disney’s Polynesian Resort for a free class in the resort lobby. They take place almost every day (Monday through Saturday at 3:45 and Saturday morning 10-noon) but simply call ahead to be sure. The afternoon classes are more geared towards children while Saturday morning sessions are for everyone. Stay for five minutes or for two hours and learn dances and chants from Tahiti, Hawaii and more.

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