New “Disney’s Aladdin” Show on the Fantasy



€œDisney's Aladdin,€“ A Musical Spectacular€ © Matt Stroshane

Aladdin on the Disney Fantasy€ &#169 Matt Stroshane

Aladdin on the Disney Fantasy€ © Matt Stroshane

Disney Vacation Guide to “Disney’s Aladdin” show on the Fantasy

The brand new show “Disney’s Aladdin” will debut the Disney Fantasy when it sets sail on March 31. The Fantasy, Disney’s fourth cruise ship, offers all kinds of entertainment but this is the Fantasy’s first broadway show. With all the fanfare and attention the Fantasy christening in New York received, it’s hard to top a blessing from Grammy Award winner and official godmother Mariah Carey, but the scheduled entertainment on the Fantasy, from Disney Wishes to “Disney’s Believe” will certainly measure up.

The Show

From wise-cracking genies to evil wizards, this fast-paced musical comedy focuses on Aladdin in the streets of Agrabah where the Genie grants him the wish to battle Jafar, and win the heart of Princess Jasmine. From magic lamps to a flying carpet, the scenes will take you back to the animated Disney film of the same name.

The Songs

As the movie is re-created on stage, so are the songs during this 45-minute musical. As in the “Disney Wishes” show, some have a contemporary twist such as Las Vegas-styled “Friend Like Me,” with over a dozen dancing genies enhanced with special effects. Menken, the original soundtrack composer, created the song ,“To Be Free, specifically for this stage production.

€œDisney Aladdin,€“ A Musical Spectacular€ &#169 Matt Stroshane

€œDisney's Aladdin,€“ A Musical Spectacular€ © Matt Stroshane

The best of the show:

It’s tough choosing the best of a Disney show, but stay on the lookout for these classic scenes:

  • make sure you look at the aisles for Prince Ali riding a stallion as he arrives in Agrabah
  • Jasmine and Aladdin soaring on a magic carpet as the sing “Whole New World.”

The theatre

The 1,340-seat Walt Disney Theatre is a mix of art deco styling, with state-of-the-art sound, lighting and theatrical technology, to stage a lineup of musicals including Disney’s “Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular,” “Disney Wishes,” and “An Unforgettable Journey.” Taking in the orchestra and balcony seating, the theatre spans three decks and is an elegant setting for an evening out.

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