Mildest rides in Disney’s Magic Kingdom

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin © The Walt Disney Company

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin © The Walt Disney Company

Disney vacation guide to mild rides for the very young

Planning a trip to Disney World with small children in tow means getting familiar with the mildest rides and attractions the “happiest place on Earth” has to offer. The following are our favorite attractions in Disney’s Magic Kingdom for young children:

Cinderella’s Golden Carrousel

This gentle ride, suitable for all ages, was inspired by the classic film, Cinderella, but the ornate antique carrousel itself was built in 1917. Against a background of color and old-fashioned organ music, aboard one of the 90 unique wooden horses, you’ll gallop along with Prince Charming and Cinderella to your favorite Disney tunes.

Mad Tea Party

Have you fallen down the same rabbit-hole as Alice? It will feel that way when you spot this wacky tea party straight out of Wonderland! Spin the wheel in your giant pastel tea cup; faster for a dizzier, spinier ride or not at all to glide gently around and around the platform. It’s clean, non-thrilling fun for the whole family at this original Magic Kingdom attraction. Does it happen to be your unbirthday?

Tip: Ride early in the morning for shorter line ups but not immediately after eating breakfast because of all the spinning!

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin

Children of all ages will delight in the chance to have full control over their very own state-of-the-art carpet on this jewel-toned ride in the Magic Kingdom. Each carpet seats 4; front seat passengers control the carpet’s height and those in the back control the front and back movement. While soaring over Agrabah, there’s a chance you’ll spot Princess Jasmine and Aladdin who are sometimes found in this part of the kingdom, but don’t get so distracted that you get squirted by the spitting camel!

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