Micky Dolenz spotted with Mickey Mouse while paying homage to Davy Jones [Video]


Disney Vacation Guide to Mickey Mouse and Micky Dolenz!

If you missed the performance that the former Monkee, Micky Dolenz and his band gave at Disney’s Epcot during the  International Flower & Garden Festival, hear his comments in our video below and see him goofing around with Mickey Mouse.

Homage to Davy

Micky talks about how this concert is more than just a performance but also a tribute to Davy – he’ll sing a few of his songs, to help bring closure to Davy’s tragic death.

Concert doubts

He talks quite openly about having his doubts to come in and fill Davy’s shoes, after Disney asked if he’d take over the scheduled concert dates.

Fan power

Davy Jones was an iconic performer, known as the one who made the young girls shriek and weak in the knees. Often referred to as the “Paul McCartney” of The Monkees, he was a favorite among the lineup for the “Flower Power Concert Series”. When he died, his fans were distraught. Micky talks about how the fans petitioned on Facebook and Twitter to get Dolenz to perform in Davy’s place at the Flower Power concert series. Of course, he answered their call and came!

Davy Jones

Davy Jones died tragically from a heart attack at his home in Florida on February 29, 2012, months before was scheduled to perform at Epcot.

The Video

Here Davy’s words himself – his thoughtful side about his friend and former bandmate, and his playful self when having fun with Mickey Mouse.

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