Introducing The Disney Fantasy stern characters

Disney Fantasy Stern Characters &#169 The Walt Disney Company

Disney Fantasy Stern Characters © The Walt Disney Company

Disney Vacation Guide to the Disney Fantasy’s stern characters

We all know how much attention Disney Imagineers pay to the details around the parks, but they don’t stop there. You could be kept busy for days pointing out the details around the Disney Fantasy, the newest ship in the Disney Cruise Line Fleet.

One of the main highlights is the duo appearing on the stern of the great ship.

The Disney Fantasy’s Stern Characters

Dumbo and Timothy Mouse sit on the stern of the Disney Fantasy. The pair weighs in at just over 2,300 pounds! Dumbo is more than eight feet long from head to tail with an “ear span” of seven feet across. Timothy sits on Dumbo’s hat. The 2’6” mouse is holding a paint brush that measures almost 4’ long!

A lot of work went into bringing these two characters to life. Walt Disney Imagineering artists in California sculpted Dumbo from big foam blocks before shipping the pieces to Florida for Disney artists to recreate him in fiberglass over a frame of marine-grade stainless steel before painting him. The statue was installed in Papenburg, Germany.

Dumbo and Timothy Mouse make other appearances on the Disney Fantasy

This iconic pair is also featured in the Enchanted Art on the Disney Fantasy. Amazing dual circus art posters feature Timothy Q. Mouse and Dumbo flying from one frame into the other. Just like magic!

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