Healthy food choices at Disney’s counter service restaurants

Flatbread at Sunshine Seasons &#169 The Walt Disney Company

Flatbread at Sunshine Seasons ©The Walt Disney Company

Disney Vacation Guide: Healthy counter service restaurants

When you visit Disney World for the first time, you’ll probably be surprised at the healthy options offered to children. At Disney-licensed restaurants, fresh produce and low-fat dairy are the default options instead of french fries and soda. Fresh fruit and veggies are available at almost every turn, as are lean deli meats and multi-grain breads.

Yes, Disney is quite serious about offering healthy dining options and not just at its table service restaurants, either.

Healthy choices at Disney’s counter service restaurants

You’ll find counter service restaurants all over Disney’s theme parks, and most of them offer an impressive selection of healthy options.

Kids’ Picks offer children choices like apple slices, carrot sticks, grapes, Jell-o or applesauce. Grown-ups can almost always find veggie burgers, turkey sandwiches, veggie wraps, grilled chicken and fresh salads.

Some of our favorite counter service destinations for a delicious healthy meal include:

Did Disney take its healthy messaging too far?

Yes, Disney is serious about contributing towards healthier future generations, but did things get taken a little too far?

An Epcot exhibit that sparked much controversy since it first opened early in February, has been closed for reworking.

Habit Heroes is located in the Innoventions East area of Disney’s Epcot theme park. Presented by Florida Blue and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Habit Heroes opened with the intention of encouraging children to make healthy lifestyle choices and to get more physically active.

This goal was to be accomplished by guests battling the bad habit villains, personified by obese cartoon characters with names like The Glutton and Lead Bottom. Their crimes? Things like inactivity, binging, and watching too much TV.

Many groups felt that this attraction did nothing more than shame children while others felt the shock value might have actually done some good.

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