Celebrity Sighting: Ginnifer Goodwin’s Disney dream has come true

Ginnifer Goodwin in Once Upon a Time &#169 ABC

Ginnifer Goodwin in Once Upon a Time @ ABC

Disney Vacation Guide: Dream of playing a Disney Princess comes true for Ginnifer Goodwin

Does anyone else wish that the folks at Walt Disney World would give Ginnifer Goodwin a Snow White costume and have her work the parks one of these days? Because to us, Ms. Goodwin is the epitome of Snow White. She was recently in the Magic Kingdom to tape a feature for the “Cinderella Blu-Ray Diamond Edition” DVD (soon to be released). Did you happen to spot her while she was there?

Once upon a time, when Ginnifer Goodwin was a young girl, her little sister made her watch “The Little Mermaid” even though Ginnifer felt she was far too old to be watching animated movies.

Of course all that changed by the time the movie was over. By then, Ginnifer had already made up her mind that one day she would play a Disney princess.

Having lived in Tennessee as a child, her family would go to Disney World in Florida every couple of years and Ginnifer just loved it. As an adult living in Los Angeles, she still visits Disneyland as often as she can.

In pursuit of her dream to play a Disney princess, Ginnifer would audition for every role she could find in animated film, little did she know that her dream would one day come true in a live action Television series.

Ginnifer Goodwin plays her favorite character on ABC

“Once Upon a Time” is a new series on ABC in which Ginnifer plays the role of Snow White (Mary Margaret) in a town full of fairytale creatures who have been cursed into forgetting who they really are – all about their fairytale lives. As it happens, Snow White was always Ginnifer’s favorite character.

Random Ginnifer Goodwin Disney Trivia

Ginnifer always loved the Fantasyland section of the Magic Kingdom most of all. She felt it allowed her to be part of all of her favorite animated features.

Her favorite attraction at Disney World has always been the Haunted Mansion but as an adult she is very much into Space Mountain!

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