Get frozen in carbonite at Disney World during Star Wars Weekends

Carbon Freeze Me (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Carbon Freeze Me (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Disney Vacation Guide: Star Wars Weekends give guests the chance to get cast in carbonite

If you have a mother who’s a huge fan of Star Wars (and/or just Cool Things In General) and you can’t think of what to get her for Mother’s Day, try this on for size.

During Disney World’s Star Wars Weekends in Hollywood Studios, you can get your mother frozen in carbonate via the Carbon-Freeze Me experience opening up for the occasion.

Carbon-Freeze Me in Hollywood Studios

There is a plethora of cool stuff happening during the weekends between May 18 and June 10, when Star Wars Weekends take place in Hollywood Studios (celebrity meet and greets, anyone?) but the coolest thing by far could very well be the chance to get frozen in carbonite.

Starting on May 18 with the launch of the festival which celebrates the science fiction universe created by the brilliant mind of Mister George Lucas, guests will have a chance to be frozen in carbon just like Hans Solo was, on Darth Vader’s orders in “Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back.”

This experience has been created exclusively for Disney.

How does Carbon-Freeze Me work?

Essentially, your likeness as a three-dimensional, 8″ high figurine will be brought to life thanks to state-of-the-art technology. Many different cameras will capture your face in the Carbon-Freezing Chamber (look for it near the American Idol Experience) then those images will be sent to a computer for processing. Four weeks later, you get a (kind of creepy) figurine of yourself in the mail.

What does Carbon-Freeze Me cost?

Your carbonate figurine will cost $99.95 plus shipping and you must call to make a reservation: 407-939-8324.

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