First Pixar Princess* Comes to Disney World in Florida

Merida &#169 The Walt Disney Company

Merida @ The Walt Disney Company

Disney Vacation Guide: Merida comes to Disney World

On June 22, Pixar will release its first fairy tale. “Brave”, set in Scotland, is a story of King Fergus and Queen Elinor – the parents of headstrong Princess Merida. Merida is an impetuous girl (and skilled archer) who is set on carving out her own path through life.

When she defies an age-old custom, sacred to Lords Macintosh, MacGuffin and Dingwall, she releases fury and chaos in the kingdom. Then when she turns to the Wise Woman for some much-needed help, an “ill-fated” wish is granted and Merida is forced to discover the meaning of true bravery in order to undo the spell…before it’s too late!

Meet Merida in Disney World

Merida will be moving to Fairytale Garden in Disney’s Magic Kingdom in mid-May in a new character greeting experience.

Guests wishing to meet Merida will enter a setting inspired by the Scottish Highlands where they’ll be invited to take part in archery lessons and other fun activities while they wait to meet the fiery, red-headed princess.

The three mischievous bear cubs from the movie will also be joining Merida in the Fairytale Garden. No doubt, they’ll be getting into trouble and capturing the hearts of young guests to the Magic Kingdom!

What does this mean for Rapunzel?

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider have been meeting their fans in the Fairytale Garden but that changes on April 15. Then, Rapunzel will be moving to a new spot at the Town Square Courtyard, next to City Hall. We hear that Flynn won’t be going with her, but that he can still be spotted every afternoon at the “Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade”.

Tell us…

Will you be heading to the theater on June 22 to see “Brave?”

*Editor’s Note: Merida is, of course, the first human princess from Pixar. Princess Atta and Princess Dot came long before her. We apologize for the oversight!

  • brooke

    Merida actually is not the first Pixar Princess. She is the 3rd. Princess Atta and Princess Dot from A Bugs Life were the first Pixar Princesses. I am very excited to meet her in the parks though :)

    • Disney Tripper

      OH! You totally got us on a technicality! :) Thanks for taking the time to correct us!

      • brooke

        No problem :) I am so incredibly excited about her meet and greet area! I know its going to be spectacular!

        • Disney Tripper

          After you meet her, please come back and tell us what you thought of the experience!

          • brooke

            I for sure will! I should be there on her first day :)

          • Disney Tripper

            Awesome, Brooke! Have fun :)