Explore one of the world’s oldest civilizations


Disney Vacation Guide to the China Pavilion

Experience the architecture, art and traditions of one of the world’s oldest civilizations – China. Relax in the peace and traniquility of the gardens and reflecting ponds with a visit to the Temple of Heaven. Explore 2,000 years of ancient Chinese culture by exploring some authentic tomb sculptures. You’ll even discover a miniature recreation of the tomb belonging to the first emperor of China.


If you’re visiting the China Pavilion over lunch or dinner, grab a bite at the Nine Dragons Restaurant. The bright, colorful dining room appears to be aglow, thanks to the romantic Chinese lanterns.

Your meal will start with a variety of hot and cold appetizers perfect for sharing! Dim Sum yummies include General Tso’s chicken dumplings, chicken and shrimp egg rolls, spicy beef, cucumber salad and more! Try ordering several entrees for sharing family-style. Order some Kung Pao Chicken, Zha Jiang Noodles and Canton Pepper Beef for a delicious selection of regional specialties.


There can usually be cultural entertainment found at each of Epcot’s pavilions. Currently, you can catch the Jeweled Dragon Acrobats in the China Pavilion. 6 men and 2 women put on a dazzling display of strength and agility. This talented troupe will be heading to Broadway when their stint at Disney is over, but another similar act will take its place.


What would a visit to the China Pavilion be without a bit of shopping? Visit the House of Good Fortune and pick up some genuine Chinese goods to bring home with you from Disney’s Epcot Theme Park.

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