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Europa Skyline &#169 The Walt Disney Company

Europa Skyline © The Walt Disney Company

Disney Vacation Guide to Europe at Skyline on Disney’s Fantasy

Within one night, you can travel from Russia to Spain at Europa aboard Disney’s Fantasy. As you sip a drink at the bar, panoramic views of Budapest, Athens, Barcelona and St. Petersburg are the backdrops through windows along one of the walls inside the lounge. Part of the Fantasy’s adults-only nightlife scene on Deck 4, step into Skyline before you catch a show.


Creating the view from a sleek penthouse in a European city, Skyline’s interior is as luxurious with a digital fireplace. As you gaze out the windows and view the ever-changing urban landscapes, relax among the lustrous wood and metal finishes that add to the European flair.

The View

One wall in Skyline is lined with windows that are seven massive screens that rotate skyline images from major European cities. Do you want to escape to Florence, Italy or Paris, France? Simply glance over your shoulder and you’ll see the skyline “outside” through the window.

The Menu

It’s not only the view that is ever-changing. The menu also has all the signature meals that represent these European destinations. If you’re wanting a Spanish flair, try Barcelona’s El Conquistador cocktail, infused with strawberry, basil and fresh cracked pepper.  Journey to Greece while sipping on the Aphrodite cocktail, infused with thyme, coriander, rosemary, basil and mint. Relax in Italian style with savoring Florence’s Sogno di Cioccolato cocktail infused with sweet cocoa, agave nectar and whipped cream.

Viva Europa

Take special note of “Viva Europa!” It’s Disney’s version a European street party on a cruise ship. The interactive event will catch you by surprise as dancers, singers and other entertainers will weave through Fantasy’s adult district and cast their Disney spell of imagination, wonder and joie de vivre.

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