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Sea Urchin Research &#169 The Walt Disney Company

Sea Urchin Research @ The Walt Disney Company

Disney Vacation Guide to the Fantasy’s Eco-friendly features

Although Earth Day is over, we carry the notion of protecting the planet into our daily lives and even our travels. If green travel is important to you and you’ve booked a cruise on the Fantasy, or are thinking about it, rest assured that it’s eco-friendly, to the point of restoring a coral reef and having an Environmental Officer on board each ship!

Water Savings

All of Disney’s ships convert sea water to fresh water while cruising with an onboard desalinization plant. Each day, close to 500,000 gallons of fresh water are produced with this system.

An Eco-friendly Hull

The Disney Cruise Line is actually the first in its industry to coat the ship’s hull with a new covering that is completely non-toxic and also helps increase the cruise ship’s fuel efficiency. How the coating works is that it decreases the surface resistance when the ship glides through the water, which reduces the propulsion power required to keep the Fantasy moving.

Ship Recycling

If we were to use the sea as measurement, imagine the the size of 12 humpbacks gliding through the water – that’s the amount diverted with the onboard recycling program – 405 tons of aluminum, plastics, paper and non-traditional recyclables.

Eco-friendly Island

Fresh water is brought to Castaway Cay from Port Canaveral via the ships and deposited into the island’s 80,000 gallon storage tank. The island recycles other items from the cruise ships as well. Castaway Cay takes used cooking oil from the galleys and blends it with diesel fuel to power certain machines.

Coral Reef

Disney also has a team of researchers at Castaway Cay that are restoring the coral reefs by transplanting native sea urchins that keep harmful algae in check.

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