Drink like the Irish at O’Gills Pub on Disney’s Fantasy



O€™'Gills Pub on the Disney Fantasy © The Walt Disney

Disney Vacation Guide to Irish fun at O’Gills Pub on Disney’s Fantasy

When you step into Europa on Disney’s Fantasy, a cozy neighborhood Irish pub is right around the corner. At O’Gills Pub, it’s St. Patrick’s Day everyday. You may not hear the drone of bagpipes or see green-clad revelers, but you can always grab a pint and eat, drink, and be merry just like the Irish!

O’Gills Pub

The dark wood finish at O’Gills, along with brass accents and friendly bartenders, set the tone for a merry neighborhood pub, as found throughout Ireland. If there’s a live sporting event that you don’t want to miss, this is also the place to come for the flat-screen Tvs, not to mention the wide selection of Irish beers.


From shots of Irish whiskeys to pints of Guinness, O’Gills has you covered. A number of beers are on tap or you can sample some exclusive brews: a red lager draft made for O’Gills or a private label vintage Irish whisky and Irish Cream. There’s also a tasting flight if you can’t decide!

Blarney Stone Tasting flight

Can’t decide what to order among the great selection? Try a sampler selection with the Blarney Stone Tasting flight – sip on Irish coffee, O’Gills Irish Cream and Kilbeggan Irish Whisky.


If you’re 18 and older, head to Deck 4 for the Fantasy’s adults-only nightlife scene. This adult district is known as Europa, a collection of dance clubs, pubs and lounges that portray European flair with decor, food and drinks. From Italy and France to Ireland and England and more, you can choose the kind of atmosphere you’re in the mood for. We’ll feature your choices during the course of the next few weeks, but if you’re looking for a relaxed sit-down experience, these are your best choices:

Viva Europa

Take special note of “Viva Europa!” It’s Disney’s version a European street party on a cruise ship. The interactive event will catch you by surprise as dancers, singers and other entertainers will weave through Fantasy’s adult district and cast their Disney spell of imagination, wonder and joie de vivre.

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