Disney’s Art of Animation Resort opens with “Finding Nemo” suites

Art of Animation Resort opens (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Art of Animation Resort opens (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Disney Vacation Guide: Art of Animation Resort now open in Disney World

Exciting news for fans of Disney World who are also fans of the Disney Pixar film, “Finding Nemo.” The brand new Art of Animation Resort is now open in Disney World. Talk about perfect timing for summer vacation!

This marks the first phase of openings for this whimsical resort which celebrates rich storytelling, original sketches, fun characters and playfulness.

“Finding Nemo”

320 “Finding Nemo” suites are now open as part of the Family suite wing which will also showcase 480 “Cars” suites, opening on June 18. 320 “The Lion King” suites will open August 10. Standard guest rooms will be themed on “The Little Mermaid” wing, opening with 864 rooms on September 15.

“Finding Nemo” rooms feature coral-shaped chairs and bubble ceiling lights. The rusty metallic tiles in the bathroom will make you feel like you’re in a submarine!

Go for a swim in the Big Blue pool

The  11,859 square foot “Big Blue” pool is the largest resort swimming pool at Walt Disney World. You’ll expect to see Nemo and Dory swim along side of you as messages from characters and music from the film get piped through underwater speakers.

Enter some of the scenes from the film which allow you to explore the colorful reef with a gigantic 27-foot wide Mr. Ray. The kids can play with Squirt in the Righteous Reef!

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