Disney World starts enforcing FASTPASS

FASTPASS &#169 The Walt Disney Company

FASTPASS @The Walt Disney Company

Disney Vacation Guide: One-hour FASTPASS return time now being enforced

Theme parks at Walt Disney World are now cracking down on a rule that’s been being bent since 1999 when the FASTPASS system first debuted.

A FASTPASS is obtained when a Disney guest inserts his or her theme park ticket into a FASTPASS machine to get a one-hour time window in which they may bypass the normal standby lines of the most popular Disney attractions.

Up until yesterday, Disney guests have been allowed to use their FASTPASS at their own leisure. The beginning of the time window printed on the FASTPASS has always been strictly adhered to, but the end of that window has almost always been overlooked.

Disney is now cracking down on FASTPASS

Disney spokesman, Rick Sylvain says:

“Given the tremendous popularity of FASTPASS with our guests, in fairness to all we want to ensure we provide the same opportunity to everyone. If a guest experiences extenuating circumstances that affect their ability to return, we will deal with that on a case-by-case basis.”

Rumor has it this new enforcement of the beginning and end times printed on the FASTPASS is the first step Disney is taking in rolling out a new (not-yet-revealed) ride reservation system to be called XPass where guests will actually be able to reserve their ride times months in advance. XPass will supposedly even allow for booking character meet and greets as well as special viewing spots for fireworks and parades.

Tell us…

If XPass comes to be, would you like to be able to book your ride times months in advance or would doing so make you a little nervous?