Disney World employs Apple iPads to test new FASTPASS system

New Fastpass System (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

New Fastpass System (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Disney Vacation Guide: RFID FASTPASS cards being used in the Magic Kingdom

Snow White isn’t the only one with an apple at Disney World. Not anymore! Earlier this week some Disney cast members in the Magic Kingdom were given Apple iPads to keep track of data from select park-goers’ FASTPASS cards. The data is being retrieved by these cast members from new wireless RFID (radio-frequency identification) posts.

Disney World’s RFID FASTPASS System

If you’ve been in Disney over the past couple of days, you may have noticed the colorful posts that have quietly appeared around some of the Magic Kingdom’s most major attractions. These posts are scanning areas and they’re used to read these new RFID FASTPASS cards as Disney tests out a bit of new technology.

When the RFID FASTPASS card is scanned, the data goes to one of the cast members via the iPad which not only helps the park track data with this new system that’s being tested, but it helps work out any kinks guests may have along the way.

Multipurpose cards

These new RFID cards are not only being used as part of the new “NextGen” ticketing system (which is intended to eliminate paper receipts currently being used with the FASTPASS system and to make it easier for guests to get quick access to popular attractions and rides) but they’re also going to do double-duty serving as room keys.

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