Disney World admission will soon include a chance to battle villains

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom ©The Walt Disney Company

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom ©The Walt Disney Company

Disney Vacation Guide to Socerers of the Magic Kingdom

If you plan on visiting the Magic Kingdom in 2012, you’ll have a chance to participate in one of the most exciting role-playing adventures Disney World has ever seen. One where you get to be the hero!

See, villains are trying to take over the Magic Kingdom and it’s up to you to stop them. That’s right. Merlin the Magician needs some apprentice sorcerers to help him keep evil out of Adventureland and he’s recruiting guests.

You’ll be well-armed

Don’t worry. You’ll have special cards encrypted with potent magic spells that will lead you to the hiding places of animated villains where you can then bring them down with just a flick of the wrist in this first-of-its-kind adventure at Disney World.

It hasn’t been done here before

There’s never been interaction with animated characters like this in Disney World before, where guests cast spells in a role-playing adventure. As we write this, the Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom is still in the testing phase but it will be opening early in the year.

Where else can you see Sorcerers at Disney World?

Fantasmic! ©The Walt Disney Company

Fantasmic! ©The Walt Disney Company


Mickey, in the role of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, fills the air with magic and makes the water surrounding him dance. In a stunning display of lights and special effects set to wonderful Disney music, see all your favorite Disney characters from princesses and heroes to villains and sidekicks. Sit in awe of the shimmering water and dazzling pyrotechnics as you watch the fantastic story play out – evil villains aim to turn Mickey’s happy dream into a nightmare. But never fear! This lavish show has a happy ending that will please the whole family.

Tip: Arrive at least an hour early to ensure a seat or take in the second showing if possible. To stay dry sit at least 10 rows from the front. This Hollywood Studios attraction lasts 25 minutes.

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