Disney News: Okapi baby born in Animal Kingdom

Okapi baby (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Okapi baby (credit: The Walt Disney Company)


Disney Vacation Guide: Okapi baby born in Animal Kingdom

Born on June 21st, Disney World welcomes “Nafuna” as the newest addition to Animal Kingdom. It was the first time that mom Zawadi, gave birth after a 14-month gestation period and the 35-pound female baby is healthy and well. As an adult, females are larger than males and Nafuna could weigh from 550 to 720 pounds! Okapis can live more than 30 years in a zoological environment. Her moniker, Nafuna, means delivered feet first.

When you can see Nafuna

Your first time viewing of Nafuna and Zawadi will be in the Ituri Forest in Animal Kingdom. It’s still a few months before Mom and child will be released in to the forest but you can see Father Akili on the Animal Kingdom Lodge savannah.

Where you can see Okapis in Disney

You can spot okapis in Disney’s Aminal Kingdom when taking one of the Kilimanjaro Safaris or when walking along the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail. In the wild, Okapis are secretive and difficult to observe so this is a good chance to catch a glimpse of one. They usually live alone unless they are traveling as a mother-offspring pair.


A rare species in the wild, okapis are more elated to giraffe than the zebra. Their stripes serve as a camouflage when sun rays filter through the dense canopy. Okapis live in Central Africa and their rain forest habitat is often threatened by logging, hunting and human development. Aside from breeding, the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund supports the study and protection wildlife and their habitats.

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