Disney News: Double Dumbo under the Big Top! [Video]



The Circus at Fantasyland (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

The Circus at Fantasyland (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Disney Vacation Guide to Dumbo, the Flying Elephant

Two colorful Dumbos are now soaring above Magic Kingdom’s Storybook Circus, the latest in the Fantasyland expansion. The two dumbos soar past each other in opposite directions: one flies clockwise, while the other heads counterclockwise.


The 1941 animation “Dumbo,” told the story of a tiny circus elephant suffering through the teasing of other elephants and guests because of his large ears. It’s with his mouse friend, Timothy, that he realizes he can use the huge ears to his advantage by using them to fly. This story is the inspiration behind the ride where a simple level controls the movement of the Dumbo-shaped vehicles. New shiny colors, signature illustrations and a water feature at the ride’s base are all part of this big top attraction.

The Big Top

While you wait for your ride with Dumbo, you can immerse yourself in circus lore inside the Big Top with games and interactive fun. If you use the FASTPASS option, you’ll pass by the tent and go directly to fly with your favorite circus elephant. The tent makes the waiting easier with unique experiences, an air-conditioned room and a ticket pager. The circus pager holds your place in line and lets you know when Dumbo is ready to fly with you.

Storybook Circus

While you’re there, don’t forget to ride the family-friendly Barnstormer now referred to as The Great Goofini; splash around in the Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak Station and ride the Walt Disney Railroad to the Fantasyland Train Station.


Watch our video for a sneak preview of Dumbo, the Flying Elephant

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