Disney Fantasy can even please teens. Now that’s magic!

Wall Pods at Vibe &#169 Preston Mack

Wall Pods at Vibe @ Preston Mack

Disney Vacation Guide: Disney Fantasy for teens

If a cruise with Mom, Dad and some little brothers and sisters sounds torturous for your teen, book your cruise on the Disney Fantasy and keep everyone happy!

Not only has Disney looked out for the entertainment needs of adults and children on the New Disney Fantasy, but teens and tweens have their own spaces, too.

Club Vibe for Teens

A trendy spot on Deck 5 of the Disney Fantasy offers a cool, plush pad for teens aged 14-17 to chill while playing the latest video games, making new friends, or just getting away from their parents. This 9,000-square-foot club requires swipe card access (how cool?) and features very teen-friendly stuff.

The media room’s 103-inch screen with digital surround sound makes movie time awesome. Oval wall “pods” allow teens to recline and watch their own personal video screens or play some video games.

Teens will be able to access Facebook and Twitter or play games at one of the computer stations in the lounge. Or if they have their own mobile device, they can access the ship’s WIFI connection.

The dance club allows wannabe DJs to mix some tracks while a lighted dance floor and video wall make for some fantastic dance parties.

When they get thirsty, teens hanging out at Vibe can hydrate at the fountain bar offering fresh smoothies, juice, coffee drinks and soda.

Outside, there’s a private deck for teens allowing for fun in the sun without leaving Vibe. Wading pools, lounges for sunbathing, ping pong and foosball tables and whole lots more.

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