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Disney Vacation Guide: What’s new in Fantasyland for holiday season 2012

We’re anxiously anticipating the rest of the Fantasyland expansion in the Magic Kingdom, especially the Be Our Guest Restaurant, which is slated to open in time for the 2012 holiday season If you’re looking for what to do in Disney this holiday season, make sure you dine at this  Disney World Restaurant.

The construction

Although construction is still underway for what we can see of the exterior spaces in Fantasyland, inside details for Be Our Guest Restaurant are taking shape. The imagineers work meticulously to match the decor in the animated classic. “When imagineers come up with what we’re going to have here in the parks, we always start with the movie and with the story, and there was a very impressive scene in Beauty and the Beast, where they enter the ballroom for the first time and its gorgeous and it’s beautiful,” says Chris Kelly, Show Producer with Walt Disney Imagineering. Watch our video below for some details of what’s happening decor-wise on the inside.

The chandeliers

The focal point in the main dining room, are chandeliers, three in total. The largest of the trio is twelve feet long and eleven feet wide and shimmers with 100 large crystals and with 80 bright lights. As seen in the Beast’s dining room in his castle, a smaller chandelier hangs on either side of the larger one. The two bordering chandeliers have 50 lights each and are 9.5 feet long and eight feet wide. According to Senior Project Manager, Tim Warzecha,Walt Disney Imagineering go through the movie second by second to pull out all the little details to be as authentic as they can. With all of this detail, we should feel like we’re walking into the movie, the first time we enter the space.

The Video

Hear what Show Producer, Chris Kelly and Senior Project Manager, Tim Warzecha have to say about the construction phase.

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