Deck Party and Fireworks on the Fantasy

Buccaneer Blast Fireworks on the Fantasy &#169 The Walt Disney Company

Buccaneer Blast Fireworks on the Fantasy © The Walt Disney Company

Disney Vacation Guide to Upper Deck Parties & Fireworks on the Fantasy

Disney knows how to put on a show, and if you think the brand new musicals on the Fantasy are spectacular, wait till you see what happens on the upper decks at night! The only Cruise Line that offers fireworks while cruising, Disney sets itself apart once again, but it doesn’t stop there – the fireworks show is only part of a full evening deck party that’s filled with dancing and singing where everyone can live out their inner pirate fantasies!

Buccaneer Blast

The highlight of being a pirate at sea for the evening is this fireworks show that is choreographed to favorite songs from €œPirates of the Caribbean soundtrack. Stand on the Fantasy’s upper deck and watch the night sky light up in brilliant colors. This is the culmination of a fun-filled Pirate evening – see below.

Mickey’s Pirates IN the Caribbean

On each cruise, there is one evening when the Disney Fantasy becomes a pirate ship, inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean. An interactive show at Donald’s Pool kickstarts the evening where guests become part of the pirate crew in some musical numbers. Later on, a hunt for Jack Sparrow ends in a showdown between pirates. This is followed by the pyrotechnical Buccaneer Blast and then “Club Pirate”, an upper deck dance party for all ages, complete with special effects.

Sailing Deck Party 

You won’t see pirates when the cruise ship leaves port, but the shows start with “Sailing Away,” when Minnie and Mickey Mouse, and the rest of the Disney characters and crew welcome you on board until the ship’s horn lets out its crescendoing finale.  The horn plays the first two lines of  “When You Wish Upon a Star” and  several measures from “It’s a Small World”, “Yo Ho” and “Hi Diddle Dee Dee”.

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