Controversial Habit Heroes exhibit now closed for reworking



Some of the Bad Habit Villains ©The Walt Disney Company

Some of the Bad Habit Villains ©The Walt Disney Company

Disney Vacation Guide: Habit Heroes closes for reworking

An Epcot exhibit that has sparked much controversy since it first opened earlier this month, has been closed for reworking.

Habit Heroes is located in the Innoventions East area of Disney’s Epcot theme park. Presented by Florida Blue and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Habit Heroes opened with the intention of encouraging children to make healthy lifestyle choices and to get more physically active.

This goal was to be accomplished by guests battling the bad habit villains, personified by obese cartoon characters with names like The Glutton and Lead Bottom. Their crimes? Things like inactivity, binging, and watching too much TV.

An interactive experience

Habit Heroes launched as a completely interactive experience which included a mobile app and interactive website. Upon exiting the Habit Heroes attraction in Epcot, kids had the chance to scan their own bodies to play the online game as a virtual version of themselves when they returned home from their vacation. This layer of the Habit Heroes experience encouraged kids to start food fights (ammunition=broccoli spears) and to make an overweight man exercise, using “positive peer pressure.”

What sort of message did Habit Heroes really send to children?

While the message behind the attraction is undeniably a good one – promoting good health – it can be argued that it may have been insensitive towards the feelings of overweight children.

This concern among medical professionals and other groups of individuals started to put a lot of pressure on Disney World to close Habit Heroes and that’s exactly what happened today.

Habit Heroes closed indefinitely

According to our source at Disney World, the exhibit launched with a “soft opening” to gage guest feedback. Feedback has been heard and Habit Heroes is now closed for reworking.

The Disney representative we spoke with wasn’t able to give us a specific reopening date, but we were told it will be soon. Keep watching this site for updates – we will keep you posted when that information becomes available to us.

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