Club Edge is a true “Disney Fantasy” for tweens

Tween Club Edge &#169 Matt Stroshane

Tween Club Edge @ Matt Stroshane

Disney Vacation Guide: A space on the Disney Fantasy just for tweens

If a cruise with Mom, Dad and some little brothers and sisters sounds torturous for your tween, have you considered booking your vacation aboard the Disney Fantasy? A cruise on this, the newest ship in the Disney Cruise Line fleet, will keep everyone happy!

Not only has Disney looked out for the entertainment needs of adults and children on the new Disney Fantasy, but teens and tweens have their own spaces, too.

Welcome to Tween Club Edge

On Deck 13 of the Disney Fantasy is a loft-style lounge for kids between the ages of 11 and 13. Club Edge features all kinds of high-tech entertainment in a bright, funky, retro-style space.

Tweens can use the notebook computers that are integrated right into Edge’s design to play games and communicate with each other via video, messaging and other stuff they’ll be able to figure out better than you or I could.

Gaming and movie-viewing are made uber fun on an 18′x5′ state-of-the-art video wall. It can be used as one great big screen or it can be separated into smaller, individual screens.

They’ll be able to dance the night away on a lighted dance floor under colorful ceiling lights. For those who don’t dance, they’ll want to hit the floor anyway just to check out the 10-foot cinema screen that comes down from the ceiling for more lighting and video effects.

Kids can even play karaoke using green-screen technology here. Putting themselves in crazy cool photo postcards.

Oh, another thing? Tweens can watch people zoom their way down the AquaDuck water coaster (the only water coaster aboard any cruise ship). They can also see the pool decks below them but even though they can see out, pool loungers can’t see in.

Tell us…

Would Edge make your tween change his or her mind about a family cruise?