Celebrity News: Tom Hanks in talks to play Walt Disney


Tom HanksDisney Vacation Guide: Tom Hanks in talks to portray Walt Disney on the big screen

We’re all familiar with Tom Hanks and the great success he has had for Walt Disney Studios with his voice work as Woody in the “Toy Story” franchise. That movie has helped to earn Disney almost $2 billion.

Could Hanks help Disney earn more millions of dollars if he were to portray the man behind the magic himself – Walt Disney?

Rumor has it that the Academy Award winning actor is in talks with Walt Disney Studios to portray Disney in a true-life story called “Saving Mr. Banks” which follows Walt Disney’s efforts taken to earn the rights to bring “Mary Poppins” to fruition.

The “Saving Mr. Banks” project was first announced back in February and Hanks has been on the studio’s shortlist of actors to portray Disney since then.

Who will play P.L. Travers in the film?

Emma Thompson is in talks about playing P.L. Travers. Travers is the Australian author behind the story of “Poppins.” She also reportedly fought Mr. Disney at every opportunity over the 14 years he was trying to turn her novel into a film.

There aren’t many more details known publicly yet about “Saving Mr. Banks” but we know the real-life outcome of the movie “Mary Poppins.”

Julie Andrews won an Oscar for her role as Mary Poppins while the movie itself won four others but that didn’t mean much to Ms. Travers who apparently was not happy with the film. She especially did not care for the animated sequences in the film even though it did go on to become a beloved classic.

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