Castaway Cay – the most popular stop on the Fantasy [Video]



Disney Fantasy at Castaway Cay &#169 The Walt Disney Company

Disney Fantasy at Castaway Cay © The Walt Disney Company

Disney Vacation Guide to the Best of Castaway Cay

There are many reasons that Castaway Cay is a favorite stop on Disney cruises. Watch the video to get a feel for the island, and then check out some of the unique features below.

The Video

Ship Dock

Given this is Disney’s private island, there’s no need for tender boats on here – the ship docks where guests can simply wander on and off of the ship as they please.

Castaway Cay Post Office

Send a postcard or letter from the island post office and it will be stamped with the Castaway Cay postmark.

Island Crew

About 60 Disney crew members live on Castaway Cay and work full-time on the island. It adds to the sense of place you feel when visiting.

For Adults

There’s an exclusive adult-only section on the island. The secluded retreat is Serenity Bay, with its own restaurant, beach and adult playground.

Scuttle’s Cove 

From digging for artificial whale bones to a 1,200-square-foot water playground with pop jets and and bubblers, this is the hub of child play on the island, especially during the Caribbean Beach Party.

Water Games

From Gotta Get Soaked, a team challenge with water balloons and buckets, to Water Mania for younger children, there are water games for all ages, and sand castle games for those who want to stay dry.

Search for Atlantis

Search for magic crystals around the island by decoding the map’s ancient language.

Teen Hide Out

It’s not only adults that have a  private area. Teens have their own hangout where they can lounge on the beach or play their own level of games. They also have the option to explore the island, or can snorkel, bike and kayak the island on The Wild Side tour. 

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