Best Wedding: Every bride is a princess in Cinderella’s Coach [VIDEO]


Disney Vacation Guide: Ride to your wedding in Cinderella’s Coach

It’s an evening wedding in Disney World and you’re the bride. You’re heading down a path lined with flowers to get married in front of Cinderella Castle. Night is falling and the coach, led by six Welsh ponies and accompanied by a driver and two footmen dressed in full regalia, illuminates as you make your way to your prince. It’s pure magic and most young girls who see Cinderella’s Coach at Disney World with a bride inside, decide then and there that a Disney wedding is the only option for them. For the bride? A ride in Cinderella’s Coach is a fairy tale come true.

Cinderella Coach

25 years ago in the Magic Kingdom, the pumpkin coach made its debut. Inspired by the original Cinderella animated film from the 50s, the coach was built in Burbank, California and has been used in parades and for photo opportunities since then. What made it extra special was its special touches like a slipper embossed in glass.

The coach was in such high demand for weddings that it was soon clear a second one would be needed. Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings turned to a coach maker specializing in producing coaches for royalty, to make a coach suitable for a princess. Cinderella Coach is the result.

Rich cerulean blue cushions and details like the sculpture of Susie the Mouse stealing a ride on the back the coach and two birds perched on top make the bride feel that much more like Cinderella.

The Video

The pumpkin in the Cinderella story is a symbol of dreams coming true. It was her ride to and from the royal ball – a moment from the movie you never forget. Fitting for a Disney wedding, wouldn’t you agree?

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