Best Walt Disney World table service restaurants for vegetarians

Boma - Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge ©The Walt Disney Company

Boma - Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge ©The Walt Disney Company

Disney Vacation Guide to best table service dining for vegetarians

If you’re vegetarian, you won’t have any trouble finding something delicious to eat at Walt Disney World. Almost all Disney restaurants offer at least one or two vegetarian options, and if there isn’t anything interesting on the menu, you can always ask to speak with the chef. Disney chefs aim to please, and you might be presented with an amazing customized meal that will make your carnivorous fellow diners green with envy.

The following are three of our favorite spots in Disney World to get some vegetarian grub.

Boma, Jambo House

Located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, Boma is a favorite restaurant for many vegetarian Disney World guests. That may be because of the huge variety of vegetarian options on the buffet including grain-based side dishes, salads, African soups, hummus and other deletable meat-free eats.

Tusker House

Also located in the Animal Kingdom, take your taste buds on an exotic adventure at the Tusker House Restaurant in Africa’s Harambe Village. Distinct flavors of Africa are served up buffet-style for lunch and dinner. Feast on couscous, hummus, baba ghanoush, fresh fruit, salads, tandoori tofu, tabbouleh and several types of rice.

Wolfgang Puck Cafe

This vibrant, casual eatery in Downtown Disney offers fresh menu selections for lunch and dinner, based on the famous chef namesake’s fusion of California and Asian cooking. Wood-fired gourmet pizzas, creative tossed salads, spicy vegetarian pastas (try the pumpkin ravioli) and tempting desserts appear on the menu. The sushi bar offers a special which makes for a memorable entrée. You’ll also have to try the butternut-squash soup. Mmm mmm!

Tell us…

What’s your absolute favorite meat-free meal?

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  • The Werewolf

    I would be careful with Wolfgang Puck. I’m allergic to animal products and in the Las Vegas Wolfgang Puck, I was eating what was listed as vegetarian or at least was listed as not having meat… only to find that in the soups, they add chicken stock and with other dishes they cooked it in chicken fat. It didn’t go well.

    Sadly, a lot of chefs and cooks are utterly incapable of cooking without either meat or at least meat stocks or fats and don’t consider it a problem to add it ‘for taste’.

    Equally bad are the ‘vegetarians are health nuts’ restaurants who decide that if it’s vegetarian, you probably want no flavour, lousy texture and need to suffer a bit for your views. “Wedge salads” and whole wheat/grain buns are examples of this.

    Example of how to do it right? Red Robin. You can have any of their burgers vegetarian. They just swap the patty for a vegetarian one, and remove the bacon if it includes it. You want a teriyaki burger or a bleu cheese burger? No problem.