Best of family fun and games aboard the Disney Fantasy

The Diaper Dash &#169 The Walt Disney Company

The Diaper Dash © The Walt Disney Company

Disney Vacation Guide: Family Fun on the Fantasy

You know you can expect fun in the sun on a vacation aboard the Disney Fantasy but you might not have given much thought to all the other fun in store for families aboard this luxury ship!

Jack-Jack’s Incredible Diaper Dash

Cheer on your favorite baby in this high-speed crawling race where “super babies” compete to see which among them is the fastest. The theme is inspired by “The Incredibles” and as such, the competitors all have “Incredible” diaper pants featuring their individual race numbers. The race is also set to music from the soundtrack. The crawlers race a 20-foot stretch of specially padded mat decorated with crawling lanes in the atrium lobby.

D Lounge (the family room)

Bring your family to Deck 4, a colorful, informal spot, just perfect for kicking back with the family. This super-sized “family room” can accommodate roughly 350 people at a time! And the best part? D Lounge fun and games take place throughout the day, not just during the evening!

Go to Movie Night!

The word “Disney” is pretty much synonymous with the word “movies”. You don’t have to give up the tradition of family movie night (or morning, or afternoon!) when you’re on vacation aboard the Disney Fantasy! Head to the 399-seat Buena Vista Theatre - THE place for movie watching ! Kick back in the comfy surroundings and enjoy some first-run films any time of day.

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