Best Live Performances in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

"Festival of the Lion King"  ©The Walt Disney Company

"Festival of the Lion King" ©The Walt Disney Company

Disney Vacation Guide: Broadway!

Even though Kissimmee is a fair distance from New York City, you don’t get much closer to Broadway than Disney World. Everyone loves a good stage show and there are several that should definitely not be missed on your Florida vacation to Disney.

Festival of the Lion King

Rafiki, Pumbaa, Timon and Zazu are among the characters who join a band of “African tribal performers” and light up the stage in the retelling of the story of a lion cub longing to be king. Exquisite costumes, colorful sets, soulful singing, skillful puppetry and elaborate gymnastics dazzle fans of all ages. This Broadway-style show’s high-energy performances and audience participation will leave you mesmerized and humming Hakuna Matata long after the show ends. (Duration: 30 minutes)

Disney Tip:

To avoid long waits, catch the day’s first or last showing.

Finding Nemo the Musical

The beloved animated film about a clownfish named Marlin, his son Nemo and their funny friend Dory, has been adapted for stage in this Broadway-style Disney musical. With huge (some the size of a car!) exquisitely detailed theatrical puppets, state-of-the art special effects and even some special original music, enjoy the familiar story of Nemo in a brand new way in this visually stunning undersea adventure. (Duration: 30 minutes)

Disney Tip:

While seated and waiting for the show, watch the bubbles at the sides of the stage and try to guess when Nemo will swim by.

On your Disney vacation, what are your favourite theater experiences in Disney’s Animal Kingdom? Let us know why in the comment section below.