Best family restaurants in Downtown Disney

Splitsville &#169 The Walt Disney Company

Splitsville @The Walt Disney Company

Disney Vacation Guide to the Best Family Restaurants in Downtown Disney

There are lots of adult-oriented destinations in the Downtown Disney area, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of dining options for families with little ones in tow!

Here are a couple of our favorite family restaurants in the Downtown Disney area of Disney World:


Dino-sized appetites are required at this dinosaur-themed dining destination in Downtown Disney, full of fun displays. Choose from a menu loaded with family favorites like pizza, pasta, sandwiches and salads. While you eat, watch Wooly Mammoths in the snow, Triceratops among geysers and other dino-appropriate scenery. Time your visit so you can discover the Paleo Zone afterwards, where you can go on a discovery dig and learn all about prehistory. Before you leave, check out the Dino-Store for educational toys and a Build-a-Dino workshop.

Rainforest Cafe

Enthusiastic elephants chat about the rainforest while guests choose from burger, pasta or salad selections. Torillas, banyan trees and waterfalls aren’t the only elements of the leafy jungle in this restaurant setting. The sky booms with thunder and rainstorms, but don’t worry, your food won’t get soggy! For dessert, try the “Journey’s End Sparkling Volcano” sweet sauces and ice cream flowing over a chocolate brownie.

Another awesome family dining experience is coming!

This fall, Splitsville will open up in Downtown Disney, offering 45,000 square feet of fun with 30 bowling lanes on two floors. You may go for the bowling, but you’ll stay to enjoy the food! Feast on hand-tossed pizza, fresh-rolled sushi and hand-cut filet sliders. It’s served right at the lane! Besides being a great place for a family to spend the day, we hear that after 8pm this place will become more of an adult hang out. We think it will be a fantastic venue for a Disney birthday party!

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