Best Disney World attractions for Cars Fans

Disney's Art of Animation Resort ©The Walt Disney Company

Disney's Art of Animation Resort ©The Walt Disney Company

Disney Vacation Guide: The World for Cars fans

Do you hear Owen Wilson’s voice in your sleep thanks to the Cars movies being played on repeat in your house? Then you’ll probably be interested in the best Disney World Attractions to appease the Lightning McQueen fans in your family!

The following are some of the best things Disney World has to offer for the biggest little Cars fans.

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

You’ll be the family hero when your little Cars fans see you’ve booked a stay in the brand-spanking-new Art of Animation Resort. Book a Cars-themed family suite and put yourselves right in the middle of the story. Reservations are being accepted now for family suites which are expected to open in May of 2012.


Lightning McQueen ©The Walt Disney Company

Lightning McQueen ©The Walt Disney Company

Lights, Motor, Action!® Extreme Stunt Show®

Lightning McQueen has joined the cast of vehicles in this popular Hollywood Studios show where you get an awesome behind-the-scenes look at how a car chase scene is really filmed. From a bleacher seat in a huge open-air theater which feels like a real live film set, watch the director of an action movie orchestrate a complex scene “out of sequence.”

Your little Mater & McQueen fan will be in awe as cars drive on two wheels and fly over trucks. Watch trained stunt men fall from buildings and catch fire.

At the end, the director puts it all together and plays the pulse-pounding car chase scene back to you on a wall-sized screen.

Meet Lightning McQueen and Mater

It’s easy to find a princess around Disney World but if you’re going to Central Florida with little ones dreaming for a chance to meet Mater and Lightning McQueen, it might take a little bit more work! Head to Team McQueen Headquarters in Hollywood Studios to meet the two big stars of Cars and Cars 2. Before you head over, call 407-WDW-INFO for specific Meet and Greet times.

Tomorrowland Speedway

And they’re off – flying down a 4-lane track with rails guiding cars at speeds up to 7 miles per hour! Spectators cheer from the observation bridge and famous announcer Tom Carnegie calls the race adding to the experience. Every little racer to cross the finish line gets a checkered flag waved for them. Many a-child’s simple dream to drive has been realized here on a miniature race track fashioned after the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. These gas-powered racecars are the perfect size for children to drive around the .4 mile long circuit.

Tip: This Magic Kingdom attraction has long waits in a non-shady queue so have a bottle of water with you.

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