Best classic attractions in Disney’s Magic Kingdom

"It's a small world" © The Walt Disney Company

"It's a small world" © The Walt Disney Company

Disney Vacation Guide: The classic attractions

It’s easy to get distracted by the fancy bells and whistles all of the new attractions at Disney World, but when you’re in the Magic Kingdom, make a point of visiting the following beloved, timeless attractions.

Peter Pan’s Flight

Glide over the Darling’s nursery, Big Ben and London Bridge before reaching Never Land where mermaids swim below and Peter Pan battles Captain Hook. Do you hear the ticking of the crocodile? There’s Disney magic in the air as Tinker Bell’s pixie dust sends your pirate galleon swooping over the glittery moonlit streets of London. Though it’s a very simple attraction with effects consisting mostly of black lights and fiber optics, the only complaint you’ll hear about this ride is that it’s over too soon.

Tip: Try to see this show during parade times when waits are shorter.

It’s a Small World

Float past hundreds of dolls in bright, colorful costumes dancing and singing from the shores the infamous cheerful melody, “it’s a small world,” in five different languages. Experience the cultures and customs of more than 100 of the world’s nations on a gentle, whimsical boat ride in this classic attraction, designed by Walt Disney himself for the 1964 World’s Fair in New York.. Everyone on Earth is connected by this unforgettable song which dissolves continental boundaries through this charming, timeless ride in the Magic Kingdom.

Tip: On a very hot day, the cool air of this boat ride is refreshing.

Snow White’s Scary Adventures

Journey through a spooky enchanted forest, on your 6-passenger diamond mine car as Snow White’s horrible stepmother transforms into an evil witch and chases her into scenes from the familiar animated movie. Surprises around every corner add to the tension of this suspenseful attraction, so creepy that little ones might keep their eyes squeezed shut until the satisfying ending when the queen meets her fate and the prince saves the day!

Tip: If this is the first dark ride you take your kids on they may be frightened enough to not want to try any others.

Which will you explore on your Florida vacation?

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