Best attractions for true movie fans at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Backlot with actor Vincent D'Onofrio © Gene Duncan

Backlot with actor Vincent D'Onofrio © Gene Duncan

Disney vacation guide to best attractions for hardcore movie fans

There are people who like movies, there are people who love movies, and there are people who love movies so much they book their Florida vacations just for a chance to see Hollywood Studios.

If that’s the sort of hardcore movie fan you are, we suggest you don’t miss the following Hollywood Studio attractions!

The Great Movie Ride

From gangsters and cowboys to aliens and a yellow brick road, most movie genres are represented in this impressive guided tour behind the silver screen celebrating Hollywood and the history of film. See famous costumes and watch clips from classic movies in the lobby before almost 50 realistic Audio-Animatronic movie stars entertain you (with the help of special effects and film footage) reenacting the most memorable moments in motion pictures from Mary Poppins to Indiana Jones and almost everything in between!


This is a long, often dark and intense ride with parts that could scare some children.

  • Duration: 22 minutes

Studio Backlot Tour

If you want to know the secrets behind the making of many of your favorite special effects, then take this eye-opening tour at Hollywood Studios! Guests learn how storms and battles at sea are created for the silver screen – some lucky guests will even get to be part of a Harbor Attack. Tour realistic sets you’ll recognize from familiar Disney movies. And at the end of the tour brace yourself as you’ll learn what it might feel like to be in the midst of a catastrophic flash flood!


This popular attraction is less busy early in the day.

  • Duration: 35 minutes

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