Best attractions for Cinderella fans in Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Cinderella Castle © The Walt Disney Company

Cinderella Castle © The Walt Disney Company

Florida vacation offers many attractions for Cinderella’s biggest (and smallest) fans!

What could be more exciting for a little girl on a Florida vacation than the chance to visit Cinderella’s Castle? The following three attractions are must-sees in Disney’s Magic Kingdom for anyone who has ever rooted for Cinderella’s good nature to triumph over her evil stepmother and stepsisters.

Cinderella Castle

Elaborate murals made from a million pieces of glass in 500 different colors and tiles of real 14 karat gold are a sight to behold inside this classic symbol of romance and beauty. Standing at 190 feet, this ornate medieval castle with turrets and spires jutting high into the sky was inspired by real and fictional castles. Young princess should be warned that though they can’t visit all of the turrets, magic is definitely in the air.

Tip: Disney characters may be found around this attraction during the day and sometimes appear unannounced in the rear of the castle.

Cinderella’s golden carrousel

This gentle ride, suitable for all ages, was inspired by the classic film, Cinderella, but the ornate antique carrousel itself was built in 1917. Against a background of color and old-fashioned organ music, aboard one of the 90 unique wooden horses, you’ll gallop along with Prince Charming and Cinderella to your favorite Disney tunes.

Cinderella’s Royal Table

Start your day at Cinderella’s castle dining with royalty. Modeled after King Ludwig’s Neuschwanstein, the gothic spires climb to 185 feet, and the only way to step inside this fairytale castle is the breakfast buffet. Cinderella doesn’t mingle at individual tables but Snow White, Jasmine and other princesses usually parade through the dining room with her. Line up for a photo with Cinderella and then feast your eyes on the all-you-can-eat buffet.

Tip: Book your breakfast early to secure a spot. Reservations can be made 6 months ahead of time.

Which will you explore on your Florida vacation?

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