Babies are left in good hands in the Disney Fantasy nursery

Disney Fantasy Nursery &#169 Kent Phillips

Disney Fantasy Nursery @ Kent Phillips

Disney Vacation Guide to Disney Fantasy childcare

A family vacation aboard the Disney Fantasy, Disney Cruise Line’s newest cruise ship, offers fun for every single member of your family. And if you have children under the age of three, there’s even a fabulous, fanciful childcare option for you!

It’s a Small World Nursery

On Deck 5 of the Disney Fantasy, mid-ship, infants and toddlers aged 3 months to 3 years enter a world of whimsy in the It’s a Small World Nursery. Inspired by the classic Walt Disney World attraction and Disney Legend Mary Blair’s original artwork, the pastel colors create a comfortable and inviting space for little ones and their caretakers.

You and your children will meet with and interact with the people who will be caring for your little ones. The nursery’s main play area has a one-way window where you can check on your kids without disturbing them.

A cheerful environment for children

Cheerful, three-dimensional facades which closely resemble Disney’s It’s a Small World attraction, welcome you to the main play area of the nursery. Kids love the interactive and hands-on features of the space including wheels that spin, horns that honk and buttons begging to be pressed by curious little ones. In the center of the room, a boat “floats” along a river pattern on the soft-surface floor. It’s surrounded by chairs and tables for reading books or playing games and doing crafts.

When it’s time for a nap, little ones are taken to a serene, quiet space at the back of the nursery.

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