Avoid Disney Lineups – use the Fastpass! [Video]

FASTPASS &#169 The Walt Disney Company

FASTPASS @The Walt Disney Company

Disney Vacation Guide to Fastpass

FASTPASS is the innovative system that provides an alternative to waiting in lines at major attractions throughout Disney World.

It’s true! For the most part, you can avoid waiting in long lineups for the most popular rides and shows – if you’re strategic! The FASTPASS gives you an allocated time to return to the attraction where you’ll step into a shorter line. In the meantime, you can explore another area of the park! Just be sure to be back at the designated time!

Watch the FASTPASS Video

The FASTPASS system is pretty easy to use. Simply note the “return time” displayed at a Fastpass kiosk. Slide your ticket through the machine and hang onto the FASTPASS ticket with your assigned time. REMEMBER – do not leave behind your admission ticket! Be sure to grab a FASTPASS for each person in your family or group -there is a FASTPASS limit (your FASTPASS ticket will indicate when you can use another FASTPASS).

Look how far we’ve come!

Technology is really amazing, isn’t it? The Walt Disney Company is actually getting ready to roll out a brand new (yet-to-be-revealed) ride reservation system rumored to be called XPass. With this high-tech system, guts will be able to literally reserve their rides from home – months in advance of their Florida vacation! And to take it a step further, XPass will supposedly allow you to book your character meet and greets and to grab special viewing spots for fireworks and parades!

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