Adult-only Pool – now that’s a Fantasy!

Quiet Cove Pool &#169 The Walt Disney Company

Quiet Cove Pool © The Walt Disney Company

Disney Vacation Guide to Quiet Cove: Adult-only Pool on the Fantasy

There are places aboard Disney’s Fantasy that adults can escape to for relaxation and rejuvenation. If you want quiet dining or partying, Europa has five nightspots from elegant lounging at Ooh La La bopping at the Tube. If it’s peace in the sun you’re looking for, head to Deck 11 and slip into the Quiet Cove. The seclusion will give you the tranquility to soak in a private pool, bathe on the sundeck or relax in a cozy cafe. Similar to Europa, you have to be 18 years and older to enter this adult-only area.

The Pool

A popular feature on the Disney Dream, the multi-level Quiet Cove Pool has returned to the Fantasy. All of the circular pools are connected so you can dip your feet and slowly immerse yourself – it’s all available from a six-inch deep bathing pool to a four-foot plunge pool or full immersion in the watering hole. Of course, the Cove Bar is always within reach if you crave a poolside cocktail.

The Cafe

Want to read book or surf the web on your tablet out of the sun? Cove Cafe is cozy and comfortable, inviting you to curl up and read a magazine, watch a bit of news or sip on a gourmet coffee.

Other Adult Areas

If you’re looking for more adult pampering, try the Senses Spa & Salon for the ultimate adult indulgence. The deluxe spa has – sink into the heated relaxation chairs or step into the Rainforest’s hydrotherapy area where you can choose between steam baths, saunas  or aromatic showers with a wide array of calming scents.

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