A celebration of animal life

Tree of Life, walt disney world

Tree of Life © Walt Disney Company

Disney Vacation Guide: Celebrate animal life

As you explore the Discovery Island Trails in the Animal Kingdom on your Florida vacation to Disney World, be sure to take ample time to pay homage to the spectacular Tree of Life.

A marvel of technology, a symbol of diversity and homage to nature, the sculpted 145-foot tall Tree of Life is the iconic centerpiece of the Animal Kingdom. More than 325 animals are intricately carved in the 50-foot wide trunk of the Tree of Life and its branches stretch 165 feet across.

If you make Disney World a stop on your Florida vacation, you should not miss the Tree of Life. Fans of the movie, A Bug’s Life will want to stay awhile. That’s because the root system of the tree houses the theater that plays ‘It’s Tough to be a Bug!’ a 3D show based on the film.

Don’t rush this leg of your Floirda vacation. Besides your visit to the theater, take plenty of time to explore the tree itself. Its carvings are full of wonderful surprises and warrant a close up inspection!

Make a fun game of it with your kids as you try to see how many animals of the 325 they can find. Maybe a special prize could be awarded to the lucky one in your party to spot the famous mouse hiding among the branches of the humungous tree.

In a comment below, tell us which animal on the Tree of Life in Disney World’s Animal Kingdom is your favorite?