5 of the best places to kiss in Epcot

IllumiNations lights up the Lagoon ©The Walt Disney Company

IllumiNations lights up the Lagoon ©The Walt Disney Company

Disney Vacation Guide: Best Places to Kiss in Epcot

When you’re visiting Disney World with your beloved, the magic will overtake you and chances are good that you’ll start feeling amorous. This is especially likely to happen in Epcot where there are so many romantic exotic locations to explore. From beautiful flower gardens to waterfalls and intimate dining options to dazzling fireworks displays, bestill your heart!

The following are 5 of our favorite spots for smooching in Disney’s Epcot theme park:

Innoventions Fountain Show

Between the two Innoventions buildings in Epcot there are fountains. But not just ordinary fountains. Fountains that come to life in arching plumes set to a musical score. This is a great place to cool off on a hot Florida day, and it’s a great way to keep children occupied in a theme park where they don’t find as much excitement as they do in other parts of Disney. But if you have an extra change of clothes (walking around in wet underwear isn’t all that romantic) take your honey under the pulsating plumes and sneak a kiss.

Morocco Pavilion

If you and your sweetie have ever curled up together to enjoy Casablanca, you’ll love finding romance in Morocco without leaving the United States.

There are no rides or theaters in the Morocco Pavilion so you don’t have to worry about lines or too much hustle and bustle. Just take your lover’s hand and walk around exploring the fascinating shops and admiring the attention to detail that went into building this pavilion. There are many stuccoed archways perfect for stealing a kiss.

Canada’s Waterfall

Stroll through the colourful gardens (in Canada, color is spelled with a u, eh!) of the Canada Pavilion and steer yourselves towards  rocky ravines and the majestic waterfall. The refreshing cool mist coming off the towering rock formation, the bright, manicured gardens…it will feel like you’ve left the heat and humidity of Central Florida for a little while. What better setting for a smooch?

Spaceship Earth

Hold on to your honey for this 16-minute dark ride through the past, present and future.

As you spiral through the 18-story interior of the iconic Epcot “golfball” you’ll be too caught up in the ride to think much about snuggling but when the ride comes to an end and you’re watching the animated video, you may wish to pause for a kiss.


If you’d like to invest in a very special romantic moment (preparing to pop the question, perhaps?) how about chartering your own pontoon for a private cruise of the World Showcase Lagoon and the perfect viewing place for watching IllumiNations? Really impress your date (or future financé) by arranging a romantic meal via the Yacht Club’s Private Dining program.

When the light and laser show begins, it won’t be the only fireworks display on the Lagoon as you go in for the perfect kiss in this magical setting. (We bet she’ll say yes!)

To charter your pontoon call 1-407-939-7529.

For the Private Dining program call 1-407-934-3160.

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