5 of the best Disney World attractions for teenagers

DINOSAUR ©The Walt Disney Company

DINOSAUR ©The Walt Disney Company

Disney Vacation Guide to the World for teenagers

Walt Disney World is a wonderland for kids of all ages…teenagers included! Even the surliest teenager won’t be able to keep a smile off his or her face while visiting the following attractions:

Disney Quest

Race against pirates in a search for gold! Design a roller coaster with Bill Nuy then ride it! Soar above the streets of Agrabah on a thrilling magic carpet ride to save the Genie! Cutting-edge technology and sophisticated 3D and vitual reality make this 5-story indoor gaming experience in Downtown Disney a teenager’s paradise. The building’s four zones have something for everyone; try the Explore Zone for adventure, the Score Zone for super hero action and the Create Zone if you feel artistic.

50′s Prime Time Cafe

Yes it’s a restaurant and not technically an attraction, but everyone loves this place. Cozy up and make yourself right at home in Mom’s kitchenette where classic American comfort food is served up daily. Juicy fried chicken, creamy tuna casserole, tender pot roast and meatloaf just like it’s supposed to be. Colorful 1950s knick knacks brighten up the decor of this TV-themed restaurant where retro viewfinders are required for finding out what’s for dessert. Enjoy an ice-cold cherry cola to wash it down with. You’d best mind your manners and keep your elbows off the table though, or you may just get ribbed by Mom!

Kilimanjaro Safaris ©The Walt Disney Company

Kilimanjaro Safaris ©The Walt Disney Company

Kilimanjaro Safaris

Traverse wobbly bridges and drive over rutted dirt roads in an open-air safari vehicle to view giraffes, elephants, lions and hippos among dozens of other species. The end of the safari involves guests in part of a chase to save a young animal from poachers.


Travel 65 million years on a CTX Time Rover to bring a dinosaur back to the present. This jerky thrill ride hauls you deep into a dark prehistoric forest. It’s too dark to see them, but large creatures can be sensed nearby. As the light emerges, see dinosaurs everywhere. Get out of the past soon or the meteor that killed off the dinosaurs could be the end of you! That is, unless one of the hungry meat-eating predators doesn’t get you first. 60 seconds to impact! Will you get out of history alive?

The Water Parks

The secret to keeping kids happy is to simply just add water. From babies to teenagers (and let’s be honest, it applies to adults too), all kids love splashing around in water. Teenagers love the thrilling slides and rides at Blizzard Beach and the Typhoon Lagoon in Disney’s World’s Water Parks. They can even ride the longest water slide in the world! Please note that Typhoon Lagoon is currently closed for renovations and will open Spring 2012.

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