Wreck-It Ralph comes to Disney!

Wreck-It Ralph (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Wreck-It Ralph (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Disney News: New Characters arrive in Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios has added a character greeting experience tied in with Disney’s latest animated adventure comedy “Wreck-It Ralph”. Debuting at the park following the 3D release of the movie in theatres, are Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope Von Schweetz.

The Character Greeting

You’ll find Ralph and Vanellope in Hollywood Studios by The Magic of Disney Animation. If you’ve seen the film you’ll recognize Game Central Station from the movie. Just step through, where you’ll experience a sneak peek into game worlds while you wait to meet with the new stars in Sugar Rush, the candy-coated cart racing game. Ralph and Vanellope will eventually join the family of stars at Hollywood Studios later this month.


If you want to know more about the character, Ralph, he’s the bad guy stuck in a 8-bit game “Fix-It Felix, Jr.,” where he feels neglected and overlooked in the game by the good-guy star. Ralph bursts out of the ’80s-era game and embarks on an adventure and starts game-hopping journey through the arcade in order to prove that he is a true hero.

Vanellope Von Schweetz

Vanellope stands out in the cart-racing game “Sugar Rush” as a feisty misfit. Von Schweetz has only on goal and that is to become on of the racers in the candy-coated game.  Vanellope ends up pairing up with Ralph in the game to do more than join the ranks.

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