Where to find candy and merchandise at Disney during Halloween

Playing a Halloween Tune (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Playing a Halloween Tune (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Disney News: An overview of Halloween treats and stores at the Magic Kingdom

Sure, the HalloWishes fireworks show and Boo-to-you parade is fun, but a huge part of Halloween are the candy and treats! So if you’ve dressed up your children in costume and are roaming through the Magic Kingdom during Mickey’s not-so-scary Halloween party, make sure you stop along these following treat locations and trails along the way:

Fantasyland Trick or Treat Locations

  • at Peter Pan’s Flight queue
  • inside Pinocchio Village Haus
  • at the Fantasyland Railroad station

Adventureland Trick or Treat Locations

  • next to Jungle Cruise
  • at the Pirates of the Caribbean queue

Tomorrowland Trick or Treat Locations

  • next to Tomorrowland Speedway
  • Near Space Mountain
  • Near Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress

Liberty Square Trick or Treat Locations

  •  Liberty Square Riverboat

Trick or Treat Trails

  • Frontierland: enter and exit at the Splash Mountain queue
  • Fantasyland: Enter near the Barnstormer and you’ll exit in Tomorrowland

Halloween Merchandise

You can get actual not-so-scary Halloween Party items, like a T-shirt, at the following stores:
  • Main Street, U.S.A.: Emporium, Uptown Jewellers
  • Adventureland: Plaza del Sol Caribe Bazaar
  • Frontierland: Frontierland Trading Post
  • Liberty Square: Heritage House
  • Fantasyland: Fantasy Faire
  • Tomorrowland: Mickey’s Star Traders


  • bring a foldable bag for extra candy as the loot bags can be too small
  • eat at home so that the sugar kick from all the treats won’t send your kids into overdrive!
  • ask for healthy snacks such as raisins or fruit snacks to balance out the sugar

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