Travel Deals: Disney Holiday Guide free on Black Friday!

Goofy Lights Up the Holidays in 2012 (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Goofy Lights Up the Holidays in 2012 (credit: The Walt Disney Company)

Disney News: The Disney Holiday Guide for 2012 is a free download today!

We had such an overwhelming response to our Disney Holiday Guide that we’re offering it free on Black Friday and into the weekend – you can download it free straight onto your Kindle or onto a Kindle App if you have a tablet.

Disney World Holidays 2012 is a very convenient guide for anyone visiting the theme parks during the holiday season.


If you have a limited number of days, the guide gives you a quick overview of the special holiday events, shows, parades, etc. in each theme park so you can plan where you want to be. This saves you from scrolling through websites to gather the information, including our own!


Believe it or not, there are actually good times to visit Disney during the holidays when you will run into fewer people and get some deals that help with your travel budget.

Plan ahead & be more organized

If you’re planning your visit, Disney World Holidays 2012 helps you figure out what tickets you need to purchase ahead of time for special events and where you need to make dining reservations to ensure you get a seat if you’re in the park on Christmas or New Year’s.

Tons of Holiday information:

We have more than 50 pages of detailed information specifically for the holidays in Disney World Holidays 2012from specific fireworks, parades and holiday celebrations in every theme park to which Disney hotels are decked out with themed holiday decorations that you can’t miss.

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